Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Joys of the Journey

Time is very precious on this mission and has gone so quickly. We are counting down the days now until we are finished. It was lots of fun to come into the mission field, but it will be very hard to leave it because our hearts are here with these dear wonderful people. Words can't say how we care for them. They are great! Loving and kind! Humble and willing to learn! We truly just adore them.

So we are savoring each moment we have remaining. This week has passed quickly, but we have treasured the time.

Last week's temple fireside was fantastic. We had 50 people from our ward attend. Most of them were either recent converts or nonmembers. There were 280 people from the stake. Great turnout.

A baptism.

And another.

A boy who will be baptized next month gave the opening prayer.

A young man in the large family we baptized gave the talk on the Holy Ghost. He told of his own spiritual experience with the mission president.

I have become a Mini Deseret Industries. Distributed all these donations, and more, to needy families. Bless the generosity of ward members. They are so Christ-like in all they do.

Dinner with the missionaries.

And more missionaries. (Notice the missionary eating all the cookies. No one even noticed. He had almost devoured the whole plate before the others saw it. You snooze, you lose!)

The children in our large family found out I wrote books. They wanted me to write a book about each of them. So we put together All-About-Me-Books. It took us several nights to complete the project. This is one of the nights. (Notice Elder Monson just chillin')

Time seems to slow down a little as we stop to treasure each moment. Maybe we can do that with the rest of our lives. What a blessing this mission has been in our lives.

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