Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Typical Day of a Typical Week

Just wanted to outline our day today. It's typical of what we do.

Always prayer and study is first. I love to read a chapter in my Book of Mormon and a chapter in the New Testament. I finish with an Ensign article or two. Then I record the scriptures I want to remember before I begin my day. Elder Monson has his own study method. He's teaching Priesthood on Sunday so he's been working on his lesson.
After breakfast we begin our missionary day.

We have a ward member who got pulled over by the police because she didn't have her seat belt on. The cop found that her driver's license had been suspended and she had no car insurance. We called to find out how much it would cost for her to get her driver's license reinstated, and what car insurance would cost.

Then we made phone calls to a couple of members to see how they were.

Lunch time—down pour.

I am putting together a cook book of low cost meals. Spent a couple of hours getting that organized and the fliers ready to hand out in Relief Society. (Hint: Never come on a mission without a printer. It is inconvenient to have to run to the copy place every time I need a handout.)

In the afternoon, off we went to visit members. First was our little Rosie. She has had a mix up in getting her SSI money, so her power was cut off. Of course all the food in her fridge, and her diabetes medication spoiled. She didn't call to let us know. We just have to show up at her house to find out the problems. Texted the Bishop to get approval to replace her food and medications. 

While we were in the grocery store finishing up that project, we got an emergency call from a sister in the ward, saying that she was going to commit suicide. I called a ward member to go be with her until we could finish buying the food and take it to Rosie's.

Then off to the suicidal sister. Spent an hour talking with her and making a plan:
*positive thinking
*be a good example to her girls
*look for a better paying job
*rely on the members of the ward that love her to be her substitute family.
(Won't go into the details of the whole story.)

Next came Sally, our hip-replacement lady. She needed us to take her to the drug store to get her meds so she can go to the gym on Monday and work out. After we went to the drug store, it was past dinner time and Elder Monson was  hungry. We took Sally to Popeye's Chicken. Both Sally and Elder Monson loved it! Sally has this joke about she and I running drugs because I take her to get medications so often. 

She thought it was way funny to stand by the police car with her drugs—legal drug running. The policeman didn't think it was as funny as we did. ( She did time for illegal drug running before she joined the church.) Read More

Back to the other side of town to visit a new convert and invite his wife to church. We only talked for a few minutes because he had another engagement.

Finally we stopped at the large family who was baptized to deliver a bike that a member's son had outgrown. 

The six-year-old was thrilled. (Sorry the 1st picture is out of focus. It was night, and I was tired. What can I say.)

The kids wanted pizza so it was off to Little Caesar's.

Home we came to kick our shoes off and get ready for bed. We are tired, but happy. It was a great day—filled with lots of service and great fun.


  1. You two are awesome! It was good to talk to you.

  2. Oh my dear friend; you are doing such great works. I can relate to it all because these are the kinds of things we did on our Inner City Mission. I am really excited to hear all that you are doing. I think this would be a great mission for us sometime.
    You two are amazing and I think you are having some great experiences and helping the Lord change many lives.
    Blessings, love and hugs!

  3. A full day of crisis management. What would some do without you?